Selected Articles

Oh my name it is Marc Tracy, my age it means less.

I work at The New Republic.

I used to work at Tablet, a daily magazine of Jewish life and culture, where I won a National Magazine Award. 

I also co-edited the 2012 essay collection Jewish Jocks.

You can reach me at And please do!

For The New Republic

“The Tweeps on the Bus” On BuzzFeed Politics, the defining political outlet of the 2012 election.
“How Your ‘Game Change’ Sausage Gets Made” On the methods behind the scoops in the bestselling books.
“Building a Smarter ‘New York Times’” On what the Grey Lady is doing and can do more of to evolve.
“Not Like Mike” On how Bill de Blasio rose to the top by plundering the Bloomberg Coalition.
“The Man With The Kind Face” On Zev Chafets and why Roger Ailes picked him to write his friendly biography.
“LeBron James, Our Great American Novel” On LeBron James, twentysomething, after Game Six of the 2013 Finals.
“Here Come The Daddy Wars”  A call to arms for men who want in on the work-life discussion.
“Baby Kristol”  A profile of conservative National Affairs editor Yuval Levin.
“Christmas is the Greatest Jewish Holiday” The superficial and profound reasons why December 25 is one of my favorite days.
“Military ‘Moneyball’” On the lessons the U.S. military has learned from baseball analytics.
“He Square Roots, He Scores” A profile of ESPN analyst turned NBA front-office exec John Hollinger.
"Sheldon Adelson and the Jew Card" On whether it is possible to criticize Sheldon Adelson without being an anti-Semite.
“The Dean of ‘Dissent’” Checking in with longtime Dissentnik Michael Walzer as he departs his perch.
“All The Sad Young Literary Men Are Jerks” A review of Adelle Waldman’s debut novel The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.
“How to Talk to a ‘Brocialist’” A brief profile of that dude who thinks he’s so cool and left-wing.
"Gone Journophishin’" D.C.’s least-cool secret listserv is all about Phish.
“Love and Hatewatching” A review (and partial defense) of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.
“How Racist Is Your Team’s Nickname?” A definitive ranking.

For Tablet:

“Jewish Christmas” On the Brooklyn deli Mile End’s “Traditional Jewish Christmas,” which consisted of Chinese food.
“The Tenth Man” On the indelible Jewishness of Christopher Hitchens.
“The Joy of Stats” On how brainy Jewish fans like Mark Cuban have remade sports in their image.
“The Other League” On how the AFL’s Sid Gillman, Sonny Werblin, and Al Davis remade football.
“Higher Truth” On Ruth Franklin’s A Thousand Darknesses.
“Cowboy” On Jon Voight, uber-Zionist.
“Israel’s Tent Protest Politico” On Mickey Gitzin, an activist for separation of synagogue and state.
“Arizona’s Savvy Israel Ally” On Andrei Cherny, the political Tenenbaum child.
“Punchy” On Harold Lederman, boxing’s greatest treasure.
“Chuckles” On Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.
“On Cinematography” On Promised Lands, Susan Sontag’s 1974 documentary about Israel.
“Magic Number” On Red Holzman, the legendary New York Knicks coach.
“Why Cordoba?” On what the lower Manhattan Islamic center promises.
“Murder in Dubai” Everything you need to know about the crazy assassination of Hamas’s main weapons man. (Included in The Best Magazine Writing 2011.) 

For The New York Times Book Review:

“Extra Innings” On Bottom of the 33rd, by Dan Barry.
“Just Win” On Scoreboard, Baby, about the Washington Huskies football team.
“It’s Only a Game. Isn’t It?” On four books about baseball.
“The N.F.L.’s Highlight Reel” On Joe Garner and Bob Costas’ 100 Yards of Glory.
“Music Chronicle” On a groupie memoir, Phish’s biography, and two other books.
“Sacred Hoopster” On Phil Jackson’s coaching memoir.
“Nonfiction Chronicle” On Michael Lewis’s Home Game and three other books.
“Baseball Chronicle” On Bill White’s and Shawn Green’s memoirs, other baseball books.
“Nonfiction Chronicle” On Michael Goldfarb’s Emancipation and three other books.
“Nonfiction Chronicle” On Robert Dallek’s The Lost Peace and three other books.

For Grantland:

“Hail Victory!” On the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins rivalry, the greatest in the NFL.

For M:

"Philip Roth’s Moment" On a book about the author by Claudia Roth Pierpont.

For Slate:

“Speed Reading” On Once a Runner, the distance-running cult classic.
“Other Magazines” Many, many of these.

For n+1:

"Seasonal Migration of the Intellectuals" On The Flight of the Intellectuals, by Paul Berman.
“The Year of the Pass” On the 2009 NFL season and the then-forthcoming playoffs.

For Dissent:

"Dreary Meetings: A Year Inside the NFL" A review of Nicholas Dawidoff’s Collision Low Crossers.

For New York:

“91 Minutes With David Tyree” Hanging out with the receiver who made one of the most famous catches in NFL history.

For Capital New York:

“Even in Greenwich Village, D.C. Sportswriters Can’t Get Away from Dan Snyder” On Dave McKenna, Dan Steinberg, and the Washington Post.

For the New York Observer:

“Our Friends, Our Enemies” On David Kilcullen’s The Accidental Guerilla.


“‘Against the Day,’ at Night” On the midnight release of a new Pynchon novel.
“Stephen Colbert’s Excruciating Brain Freeze” I talk to Stephen, Ben, and Jerry.
“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About ‘Sopranos’ Whackings” Terence Winter does not love Pussy. 
“These Ten People Want To Make Bloomberg President” This never really got off the ground I guess. 
“Partying Liberally With Living Liberally” Party report.

For New York:
“Unsafe at Home” Natural disasters in New York.
“Unhappy Feet at Central Park Zoo” A zoo tour guide is fired.